At the end of 1989, with Peret, dedicating most of his time to the religion, and Gato Pérez at the end of his career, although The Gipsy Kings were filling stadiums around the world and in Spain Kiko Veneno, Ketama and Rosario obtained great sales successes, practically nobody was paying attention to the Rumba Catalana (considered "demodé").

10 friends from Barcelona, (Xavier Calero, Josep Gómez, Ramón Grau, Andreu Hernández, Joan Herrero, Rogeli Herrero, Carles Lordan, Jose L. Muñoz, Toni Pelegrín and Rafa Soriano) members of different pop and rock bands (Los Elasticos, Alicia Química, Sagrada Familia, Johnny and the Cannibals), and who were kind of Catalan Rumba music due to the gypsy influence at Hostafrancs neighborhood of which some of the members belonged, dared and had fun doing Rumba Catalana but with rocker instruments and attitude.

Their delirious repertoire is based at that time on the rumbas of Peret or Gato Pérez, adaptations to rumba of non-rumba songs (All my loving, by The Beatles, Strangers in the night, El meu avi), plus some songs considered icons of the Madrid scene such as "El Gran Ganga" by Almodovar & McNamara, "Makoki" by Kaka de Luxe, and some of their own songs such as "Esa rumba va", "Dame un beso" or the shocking "Hazme un Francés, Inés".

Spree after spree, they watch stunned that are causing a huge impact, wearing suits with the lapel of the "airplane" shirt and pants with elephant foot, "mirror" sunglasses and false sideburns, parodying the typical spanish character "Manolo" from 1960s-1970s. They perform at concerts arriving in two vintage cars at the most pure "El Vaquilla" style, but offering carnations and cigars to the audience, with a show that is more reminiscent of the Blues Brothers than a salsa or rumba orchestra.

No one is left indifferent by the impressive look of 10 musicians on stage, with two drummers, two basses, various Spanish and electric guitars, percussion, etc... Practicing the incessant change of instruments... They usually prepare special songs or actions for every party. The rumba party on stage is contagious, and the sympathy towards the group is very evident. The demonstrated but forgotten effectiveness of the Rumba Catalana would once again be revealed among the public, a shocking mixture of punks and housewives.

Journalists such as Ragnampizza, Ramón de España, José Manuel Gómez, Carlos Ciprés, Marcos Ordoñez, Xavier Agulló, Rafa Quílez, and headlines such as "The extreme left of the Catalan rumba", "Los Manolos claim the sideburn", "The rumba of AfterPunk ", "horterismo integral"… they have a massive impact on the without even having a manager.

In 1989 The group begins its journey playing where they are allowed. The first gig takes place in Diametro 77 Club, in the Hostafrancs neighborhood of Barcelona. It will be followed by performances in the Sabor y Salsa cycle in Zeleste venue, and in numerous public and private parties. In one of these, they are finally "discovered" by the multinational RCA (BMG-ARIOLA) record Company.


- They record a video-clip for the British network MTV (All my Loving)
- In 1991 they publish their first album PASIÓN CONDAL (RCA-BMG 1991) at the Sincronía studios in Madrid and Gema Studios in Barcelona, produced by Julio Palacios.
- The version of All my loving (Lennon and McCartney) manages to reach number 3 at the Spanish billboard, and the album PASIÓN CONDAL reaches the second posisiton in sales in Spain, finally being the third best-selling Spanish album in 1991.
- In 1992 they publish their second album DULCE VENENO (RCA-BMG 1991), in Sincronía (Madrid) and with Julio Palacios.
- They perform, together with Peret and Los Amaya at the Closing Ceremony of the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games, and also in the Paralympic Games.
- They also perform at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics Games Barcelona '92.
- They publish the rumba version of the anthem of the Olympic Games “Friends Forever” (Andrew Lloyd Webber), which reaches the third position in sales in Spain.
- They perform at the premier of the film "Tacones Lejanos" by Pedro Almodóvar in Paris.
During all these years, they tour all over Spain and performed in many countries such as England, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Romania, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, USA...

In 2002 the 10th Anniversary of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics is celebrated and to commemorate the event, they perform at the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium. They also perform at the party "NO A LA GUERRA" and collaborate on the tribute album to Joan Manel Serrat "Pel meu amic".

In 2003 they participate in the film "El Gran Gato" directed by Ventura Pons.

In 2007 they perform at the presentation of the XVIII Mediterranean Games in Tarragona.

In 2008 they perform at the Zaragoza Expo together with the master Peret.

In 2010 they perform at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid together with Peret and Gertrudis.

During these years, some members of the band start personal projects, but they continue performing throughout the Spanish geography.

In 2017 they participate in the charity program and in the album of "La Marató" in TV3, Catalan public TV station, with a rumba version of the song "I will survive".

And in 2017, they also return to the recording studio and published "Manolos, go up on stage", a compilation of their best hits, with collaborations of artists such Peret, Ojos de Brujo, Los Delinqüentes, Tomasito, Victoria Abril, "El Sevilla", Gertrudis, La Troba Kung Fu, Sabor de Gràcia, Tonino Carotone, Omar Sosa, Manuel Fuentes, Queco Novell, Dibe Divosso...

During 2018 and 2019 they continue performingm and participated in the Mercè Festival in Barcelona, in the "Festa del Poble" in Andorra or in the Big Week of Donostia/San Sebastián among more than 40 performances.

In 2019 they recorded the song "Som com som" and a video clip in the emblematic La Pedrera building by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, in collaboration with the REMS program of the Catalunya - La Pedrera Foundation, which works with people with cognitive impairment.

In 2020, the pandemic postpones tour and recording plans.

In 2021 Los Manolos collaborate with the emergent band from Mataró The Tyets in the song and video clip "La dels Manolos".

In March 2022, Los Manolos have released a new single and video clip “La Tía Pepi (Bum, Bum)” produced by Joan Borràs (Oques Grasses), and we can tell you that it will make you sing and dance like never before.